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Chris Wheadon was a research associate at FFT Education Datalab, and is one of the UK’s leading experts in assessment. He is the founder of No More Marking Ltd., a company that uses comparative judgement to assess work more accurately than traditional marking techniques. He has designed Proof of Progress tests from FFT.

Will more training in moderation of teacher assessment help?

Will more training in moderation for Key Stage 2 writing, announced by Justine Greening yesterday, help reduce the inequities that were highlighted in a recent blogpost on Key Stage 2 writing? Sadly, the evidence suggests otherwise. If you look through the literature on examination standards over the last 20 years, you will find references through [...]

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Proof of Progress (PoP) tests

This year, 81 schools are using the new Proof of Progress Tests (PoP tests) from FFT to assess writing and conceptual understanding in maths at the start and end of Year 7.   The tests are designed to be sensitive to learning, but resistant to practice effects. In other words, we would only expect pupils [...]

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Josh and the Dragons: Measuring Creative Writing

For the last three weeks myself and twelve post-graduates who are studying Creative Writing around the UK have been immersing ourselves in dragons, bears, vampires and ghosts. No, we haven’t been overdosing on Netflix, we have been judging the creative writing of 11 year olds in what we think is the largest experiment ever of [...]

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Measuring Progress in English and Maths

Do you have strong evidence that your Year 7 pupils made progress in English and Maths last year? Do you have strong evidence that your Year 7 pupils made better progress in English and Maths last year than pupils at other schools? Last year, seven schools were brave enough to measure their progress in English [...]

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