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About James Richardson and Mike Treadaway

James Richardson is a senior analyst with the Education Endowment Foundation, with a responsibility for managing the Families of Schools database. He previously spent ten years working in schools as a teacher, head of faculty and assistant headteacher. Mike Treadaway is an associate research fellow at Education Datalab. Since founding the FFT Data Analysis Project he has developed models for analysing pupil progress, has led the processing, matching and data analysis for the National Pupil Database, and has provided advice to the Department for Education to support the development of new school accountability indicators.

Apples to apples: are grammar schools really as effective as they seem?

This post was updated at 8.30 AM on 22 November. An earlier draft of the piece had originally been posted in error. What is the reasoning behind the government’s proposal for more selective schools: greater choice or better schools? Numerous studies have demonstrated that both have flawed foundations, including from the Education Policy Institute [PDF] and ourselves [PDF], [...]