The EBacc continues to be ignored

There was a slight fall in the percentage of pupils entered for all five subjects making up the English Baccalaureate (EBacc). Even so, the percentage entered for the science and humanities components actually increased. The fall in the headline EBacc entry rate was entirely due to a drop in the percentage of pupils entered for a language, which we’ve written about several times, the last time being here.

London leads the way in language entries and therefore EBacc entries

Over half of pupils in London entered the EBacc in 2017. A poke around in the Department for Education Statistical First Release [XLS] shows that 62% were entered for a language compared to a national average of 47%. There has been very little change in EBacc entry rates in the North East and North West since 2014.

London also leads the way in Progress 8

Based on Progress 8, London was the highest performing region with a score of 0.22. Brent and Merton were the highest performing local authorities with scores of 0.51. At the other end of the range, both Knowsley and Blackpool fell below -0.5.

(Click on the images below to access interactive versions of the maps.)

Progress 8 by local authority, 2017

EBacc entry rate by local authority, 2017

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