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Andrew McCulloch is a quantitative social scientist with interests in social stratification and in the geography of educational outcomes. He is currently exploring how mobility and neighbourhood change shape children’s exposure to neighbourhood deprivation.

Who wants to go to university? How attainment affects aspirations (and aspirations affect attainment)

In the past few weeks both CentreForum (in conjunction with our very own Mike Treadaway) and the Social Market Foundation have published reports on education. Both reports discuss gaps in attainment between pupils from different family backgrounds, drawing attention to the importance of education for social mobility. Education is usually seen as an important factor in [...]

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Does ability-based selection have to increase inequalities in education?

The decision to allow a new grammar school to open in Kent drew a lot of media attention recently. With the exception of grammar schools, state schools in England are required to admit children irrespective of their ability. A number of developed countries do have school systems, however, which select children into different-ability schools at [...]

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Using Pier-effects to evaluate free schools

Note - this piece was first published on April Fool's Day 2015! The establishment of free schools by the current government aimed to meet a demand for new school places in particular areas and to raise the performance of all schools through increased competition. For researchers, trying to show whether the establishment of a free [...]

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