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How much does private tutoring matter for grammar school admissions?

Before the 2017 general election, it seemed like grammar schools were about to make a widespread return to England. Although this didn’t happen after the Tories lost their parliamentary majority, the new Secretary of State for Education has backed plans to allow existing grammar schools to expand. This renewed interest in expanding selective education has [...]

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KS4 performance tables 2017: Everything we know about coasting schools and floor standard schools

The first table in this post was updated at 17.42 on 25 January 2018 after we noticed – of all things – that percentages in the table did not add up to 100. We very much regret the error. Key Stage 4 league tables – performance tables, to use their proper name – have been published this [...]

Kent 11-plus, part 6: Conclusions

This is part of a series of posts from Datalab on how the 11-plus works in practice in Kent. Find the other posts in the series here. It is worth summarising some of the things that we have observed in the course of this analysis. Relatively small changes to the rules that determine whether a [...]

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