Non-retirement teacher wastage continues to rise

The November 2015 School Workforce Census, published today, shows that wastage out of the teaching profession has risen again to 10.6%. Teachers leave the profession when they unhappy with working conditions and when they can find other employment opportunities. These statistics suggest that it is teachers in secondary and special schools who are most currently [...]

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Where have London’s disadvantaged pupils gone?

One of the most interesting figures in Tuesday’s statistical first release on pupils in state-funded schools was the fall in the percentage of pupils eligible for free school meals to the lowest level recorded since the introduction of the School Census in January 2002. Of course, it's well-known that free school meal eligibility is an [...]

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Can high stakes primary school testing ever serve the interests of children?

Earlier today at the Festival of Education I hosted a panel session with Jack Marwood and Michael Tidd that asked whether high stakes primary school tests can ever serve the interests of children. Michael Tidd has, through his blogs, tweets and newspaper column, publicly held the Government to account through the repeated missed deadlines on [...]

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Inequalities in access to teachers in selective schooling areas

We recently published a report with the Social Market Foundation showing that schools serving more disadvantaged communities appeared to have greater difficulties in recruiting suitably qualified teachers. Ofsted contacted us to ask whether these inequalities were more or less pronounced in areas with selective secondary schooling because this has been an area of inquiry for them. [...]

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Come and work at Education Datalab!

We are looking for a new member of staff to join the Education Datalab team. Statistician This role stretches across the work of Education Datalab and the rest of FFT. As part of this role you will work with developers to specify calculations and seek feedback about your analyses from users and colleagues.  This is [...]

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