Social inequalities in access to high quality teachers

Today the Social Market Foundation’s Commission on Inequality in Education publishes a new piece of work that we have co-authored, arguing that inequalities in access to high quality teachers across schools may contribute to social inequalities in educational outcomes. Those who work in education often hear anecdotes suggesting that schools serving more disadvantaged communities have [...]

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Options for setting the grade 9 boundary in GCSEs

We were commissioned by Ofqual to consider the likely impact on different types of schools of different approaches to the award of grade 9 in new GCSEs. Three approaches to the award of grade 9 were modelled: 20% approach: the grade 9 boundary in each subject is set so that the top 20% of students [...]

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Caught out: Primary schools, catchment areas and social selection

This morning, the Sutton Trust published our research into primary school admissions and social selection. For many the findings come as no surprise: there are thousands of highly socially selective primary schools that have intakes that are considerably more affluent than the neighbourhoods from which they recruit. They are more likely to be located in [...]

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Learn how to use the National Pupil Database

Once again this year we are running a course for researchers who would like to learn how to use the National Pupil Database. It is a 2-day training course in London held on the 4th and 5th of May, 2016. The course instructors will be Lorraine Dearden, Mike Treadaway, Dave Thomson and I. You can [...]

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